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Act #5: Comunicare, viaggiare e mangiare!

Narrator Opening

Hello again, amici, I hope you have been enjoying our show so far! As you’ll probably remember from last time, Connor has found a very special building he would like to turn into his office. Coincidentally… the building is an old movie theater! A gorgeous building. And currently for sale! It needs some restoration, sure, but it would be just perfect…

Connor has been meeting with the building’s current owner, Mr. Mark, who wants to sell the property and go sailing around the world. Well, that’s a nice plan, I can’t blame him!

So… did you study our new grammar lesson? Today we’ll be focusing on two key topics: regular verbs in the first conjugation and Italian definite articles. Have you memorized all the words on the flashcard? I’m sure you know all about the expression Silvia and Connor are exploring today. Assolutamente sì? OK, let’s dive in, then! Enjoy Act 5!