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Act #5: Comunicare, viaggiare e mangiare!

Hello Again

Silvia: Buongiorno Connor!
Connor: Buongiorno Silvia!
Silvia: Sei un po’ in ritardo oggi.
Connor: I’m sorry, Silvia... This morning ho tanto sonno. I actually had to run to get here!
Silvia: Were you up late last night?
Connor: Well, I had my secondo appuntamento with Mr. Mark!
Silvia: That’s great! So, how did the meeting go?
Connor: Great! I think we get along well!
Silvia: Describe Mr. Mark for me.
Connor: Lui ha 62 anni. Ha voglia di una nuova adventure! He wants to go sailing around the world. This is why ha fretta di sell the cinema!
Silvia: I see... I imagine that lui ha bisogno di soldi, ho ragione?
Connor: Hai ragione! Now, io ho bisogno di investors…
Silvia: E ci sono these people, right?
Connor: Well, sì e no. Loro sono in Italia. They like the idea, but they are far away.
Silvia: Who are they? Chi sono?
Connor: A couple members of the famiglia. I still haven't met in person…
Silvia: You mean famiglia in Italia?
Connor: Sì.
Silvia: Are you planning to go to Italia soon... presto?
Connor: Sì, molto presto!
Silvia: Hai already the biglietto to travel to Italia?
Connor: Sì, ce l’ho.
Silvia: Hai the dates?
Connor: Sì, ce le ho.
Silvia: Quando are you leaving?
Connor: I’m going there in due months!
Silvia: Due mesi! Allora, abbiamo bisogno di parlare in italiano più spesso!
Connor: Hai ragione, Silvia. Io sono... worried!
Silvia: Preoccupato?
Connor: Sì, I want to go there and be able to speak Italian!
Silvia: OK, let me set up a few rules. You study the lezione di grammatica e fill in the quizzes before coming here. Also, I would like you to read carefully the lezione on the espressione idiomatica. When we meet up, we can talk about anything we want… on una condizione. Each week, I will expect you to focus on the topic explored in the lezione di grammatica. And I would like the same to happen during our conversation involving the espressione idiomatica.
Connor: Well then, I’d say we have a deal!
Silvia: I’m glad, sono contenta, you like my idea.
Connor: Silvia, I am hungry! I forgot how to say that in Italian…
Silvia: Ho fame. Did you eat this morning?
Connor: No, this is why ho fame.
Silvia: Right, right! You had to rush out...
Connor: Ho also sete. I like fresh pressed orange juice.
Silvia: Ho sete anch’io... so do I. I, too, love fresh pressed orange juice.
Connor: Ho tanta voglia to go to Italy and when I think about all the amazing food there, ho also tanta fame!
Silvia: Mia zia è una fantastica cuoca, an amazing cook!
Connor: Come nonna Carmela!
Silvia: Where, dove sono your relatives? The ones who will invest in your idea?
Connor: Somewhere in the South, non sono sicuro.
Silvia: Well, wherever they are, you need to be able to parlare with them.
Connor: I totally agree!
Silvia: To parlare we need to study the rules of some verbi italiani... Are you ready? Sei pronto?
Connor: Sono pronto, Silvia!