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Narrator Opening

Benvenuti, amici! Welcome to our Language Theater! Come on in, my friends! Take a seat, make yourself comfortable and get ready for a uniquely enthralling experience. My name is Luigi and I will be here to walk you through this exciting journey.

You may be asking yourself, “What sort of journey is he talking about?”. Well, my friends, you are about to enjoy a charming theatrical performance, and, while doing so, you will learn to understand and, eventually, speak Italian. As the play unfolds, you’ll get a chance to see first hand how the language works. Plus, you will discover captivating nuances of Italian culture and experience the thrill of a theatrical performance in the language you are learning.

Now, let’s take a step back and devote a few words to the format of the show. An Italian teacher, Silvia, is about to meet Connor, her new student. Connor does not speak Italian. He only knows a couple words he learned as a kid from his maternal grandparents, who, as we’ll see, are both very proud of their Sicilian heritage. Connor is really keen to start learning Italian. Why? Well, he has a special dream he wants to accomplish!

The curtain is up now. Act 1 is about to begin. Here’s Silvia and Connor, sitting in a cozy room, sipping coffee. Many colorful books are lined up on a wooden bookcase. A map of Italy hangs from the wall. Looks like a language school. Well, let’s see what happens...