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Act #2: La dolce vita

Narrator Opening

Welcome back to our Language Theater! Benvenuti! Yes, you guessed right, it’s me again, Luigi. I hope you enjoyed Act 1 and are ready for a brand-new installment of our show. Are you ready? Yes? Let’s dive in, then. Wait, let me tell you a couple more things. Today we’ll explore the realm of nouns and adjectives. We’ll also see how a statement can be changed into a question by the mere addition of a question mark. Also, my friends, don’t forget to review the flashcard before tuning in. All the new words you’ll see in there will be used in today’s play. And they’re likely to show up again in our coming acts. So, yes, I suggest you memorize them all.

All right. Looks like we’re all set. Let’s find out what this new installment holds for us! Today Silvia, our Italian teacher, and her new student Connor are talking about movies. Yes, Connor is telling Silvia how much he loves old Italian movies. His favorite director? Federico Fellini. “He makes me dream about Italy”, says Connor. Can you guess now what his favorite Italian movie is? I know, there’s so many to choose from… so, why don’t we listen to the play and find out? Enjoy the show!