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Una nuova avventura

La dolce vita

Dare i numeri!

Movie Set Travel Agency

Comunicare, viaggiare e mangiare!

Fare bella figura

Pronti a partire?

Spaghetti, calamari e… pastella!

Tra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare


Marmo di Carrara

Volere è potere!

Buon viaggio, Connor!

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Polignano a Mare

Pozzi e fagioli

Saggezza popolare

Un aperitivo con gli amici


L'oasi dei fenicotteri

Tango italiano

In bocca al lupo, Connor!

Act #6: Fare bella figura

Narrator Opening

Benvenuti, cari amici! Welcome to Act 6. I know you have been looking forward to this new installment of our show. So I invite you, wherever you are, to imagine that you have just walked into the cozy room where Silvia and Connor are having their lezione di italiano. Don’t be shy. Take a seat at the table and get ready to enjoy their conversation.

In the previous installment, we looked at verbs in the first conjugation. On today’s show, we will learn second-conjugation verbs.

As for Connor, today he’s telling Silvia about that time, many years ago, when he and his family got lost in Venice. It was a blazing blue summer day and they were looking for an ice-cream parlor. A very famous one. Which turned out to be especially elusive, so they just kept walking around in circles. “That church with the white Baroque façade looks so familiar…” “What about this bridge? Did we not cross it once before?” … No ice-cream parlor in sight! So they walked and walked aimlessly for hours, only to discover, in the end, that all roads in Venice lead to… piazza San Marco!What about you, dear listeners? Any funny story about Venice you would like to share?