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Act #3: Dare i numeri!

Narrator Opening

Hello everyone! Ciao a tutti! Come state, cari amici? Here we are, once again, about to enjoy a new installment of our play. So, did you make some time to learn by heart the words on our flashcard? Did you study the lesson available on our website? Today, among other things, we will be dealing with Italian indefinite articles. Did you fill out the grammar quizzes? Yes? Excellent! Ottimo! This means we’re all set!

Today Connor seems a little stressed out. Last night, as he will tell Silvia, his grandparents had a rather noisy fight. No big deal, actually. Looks like grandma Carmela burnt her famous maccheroni in smoked sauce. A big disappointment to grandpa Giovanni, apparently… but I don’t want to disclose too much and spoil all the fun! What I will tell you, though, is that Silvia, to cheer poor Connor up, will take him on an imaginary stroll around Rome. Well, that sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Let’s join them!