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Hello Again

Silvia: Ciao Connor! I am glad to meet you! Benvenuto! Welcome to the course!
Connor: Ciao Silvia! Thank you!
Silvia: Piacere! But before I speak to you more about the course, tell me why you want to learn Italian.
Connor: Well, because I think that the Italian language is so beautiful.
Silvia: Si è vero! It’s true. Any other reason?
Connor: I also love the Italian culture very much.
Silvia: Benissimo. Do you know any words in Italian Connor?
Connor: Well! I know the words…buongiorno…buonasera…ciao…
Silvia: It’s a good start! Any other words…parole?
Connor: Si! Let me think…pasta…pizza…bella and ragazza
Silvia: Hum! Very good! Molto bene! Those are very helpful words.
Connor: My mother’s parents were Italian, you know. I often heard those words in my grandparents’ home when I was a kid.
Silvia: Very interesting! Well Connor, I promise you that if you study well, by the end of our 22-lesson course you should be able to understand and speak Italian.
Connor: Seriously?
Silvia: No doubt about it! Well, are you ready to start?
Connor: Alright, fantastico!
Silvia: Mamma mia! I like your enthusiasm! Cominciamo !