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Una nuova avventura

La dolce vita

Dare i numeri!

Movie Set Travel Agency

Comunicare, viaggiare e mangiare!

Fare bella figura

Pronti a partire?

Spaghetti, calamari e… pastella!

Tra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare


Marmo di Carrara

Volere è potere!

Buon viaggio, Connor!

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Polignano a Mare

Pozzi e fagioli

Saggezza popolare

Un aperitivo con gli amici


L'oasi dei fenicotteri

Tango italiano

In bocca al lupo, Connor!

Act #13: Buon viaggio, Connor!

Until next time

All right… it looks like we are ready to wrap up Act 13. This was a very productive installment, cari ascoltatori. We delved into some very interesting grammar topics and got to know our friend Connor even better. I’d say young Connor was already showing outstanding organizational skills! I really loved the account of his ferry crossing from Naples to Palermo. A starry summer night and a few words exchanged with a mysterious man who later turned out to be the ship’s captain!

As each lesson builds on the other, make sure you keep in step with the grammar by studying each new topic and exploring the learning tools available on our website. But mostly, my friends, seize every opportunity to practice Italian in your daily life. That’s really the best way to make progress.

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