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Una nuova avventura

La dolce vita

Dare i numeri!

Movie Set Travel Agency

Comunicare, viaggiare e mangiare!

Fare bella figura

Pronti a partire?

Spaghetti, calamari e… pastella!

Tra il dire e il fare c'è di mezzo il mare


Marmo di Carrara

Volere è potere!

Buon viaggio, Connor!

Santa Maria in Trastevere

Polignano a Mare

Pozzi e fagioli

Saggezza popolare

Un aperitivo con gli amici


L'oasi dei fenicotteri

Tango italiano

In bocca al lupo, Connor!

Act #11: Marmo di Carrara

Until next time

Young Connor is moving fast, don’t you think? He’s applying for a bank loan and is planning on buying the movie theater. Yes, that gorgeous old building will become the headquarters of his agency! The building, of course, needs to be updated. And I don’t mean just a few touches here and there. This will be an expensive remodeling process.

Well, even so, Connor seems very upbeat. He’s bursting with energy and ready to work hard to fulfil his dreams. He certainly doesn’t want to put off the renovation indefinitely, he says. Actually, he said alle calende greche. You see? He’s putting today’s idiomatic expression to good use! What about you, amici miei? Are you keeping pace with Connor? Are you studying our grammar lessons and doing your exercises? Sì? Benissimo, I’ll see you next time then. A presto!

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