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Derived Adverbs

Derived adverbs, as the name suggests, are adverbs formed from other words. To form these adverbs, the suffixes -mente or -oni are added to an adjective or a noun. The majority of derived adverbs have -mente as their suffix.

  1. Adverbs with the suffix -mente
    1. To make an adjective ending in -o or -a into an adverb with the suffix -mente, the final vowel is dropped and an a is added. For example:

      • certo→ cert + a + mente = certamente
        Certamente non avrò finito entro le 15.
        I certainly won’t have finished by three.

      • ultimo → ultim + a + mente = ultimamente
        Ultimamente ci sono poche cose buone da comprare al mercato.
        Lately there are few good things to buy at the market.

    2. To make an adjective ending in -e an adverb with the suffix -mente, simply add the suffix to the word.

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