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The Absolute Superlative: Idiomatic Phrases and Irregulars

Absolute superlatives can be expressed using idiomatic phrases. As you will see, this is also common practice in English, and some of these phrases have good English equivalents.

NB: These phrases, when they function as adjectives, require agreement in gender and number with the nouns they modify.

Idiomatic Phrases

bagnato fradiciosoaking wet

Dopo il temporale, ero bagnata fradicia.
After the rain storm, I was soaking wet.

pieno zeppopacked, really full

Non mi piace andare a ballare il sabato sera. Tutte le discoteche sono piene zeppe.
I don’t like to go dancing on Saturday night. All the clubs are packed.

innamorato cottohead over heels in love, madly in love

Letizia ha conosciuto un uomo milanese e adesso è innamorata cotta.
Letizia met a Milanese man and now she’s head over heels in love.

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