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Comparatives Expressing Equality

Comparatives expressing equality (comparativi di uguaglianza) tell us when two things, actions, or people are on equal terms.

  1. Comparing Adjectives and Adverbs

  2. When comparing adjectives and adverbs, you have two options that can be used interchangeably and both are invariable: (così) … come and (tanto) … quanto.

    Il mio vestito è (tanto) elegante quanto vistoso.
    My dress is as stylish as it is showy.

    Mia cugina sa nuotare (così) velocemente come Silvia.
    My cousin can swim as well as Silvia.

    Questi ravioli sono (tanto) buoni quanto sostanziosi.
    These ravioli taste as good as they are nutritious.

    Sai parlare francese (così) bene come una persona madrelingua!
    You can speak French as well as a native speaker!

    NB: Così and tanto are optional and generally not used in contemporary speech.

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