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The indefinite pronouns: qualcosa, niente, and nulla


  1. Qualcosa
  2. Qualcosa is an invariable, indefinite pronoun which means something or anything. Qualcosa comes from qualche cosa, which literally means some thing.

    Secondo Annalisa, c’è qualcosa che non va.
    According to Annalisa, there’s something that isn’t right.

    Meglio qualcosa che nulla.
    Something is better than nothing.

    Posso fare qualcosa per la festa?
    Can I do something for the party?

    È cambiato qualcosa qui?
    Has anything changed here?

    Ognuno è bravo in qualcosa.
    Everyone is good at something.

    Qualcosa can be accompanied by altro to mean something else or anything else. It can also be paired with the prepositions di (with adjectives) and da (with verbs). Have a look at the following examples.

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