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Subordinate Conjunctions introducing a Clause of Purpose

This week’s lesson will focus on the Italian subordinate conjunctions (and conjunctive phrases) which introduce clauses of purpose. In other words, these conjunctions introduce a subordinate clause that expresses the overall goal of what is stated in the main clause. Normally, they function similarly to the English so that or in order to:

perché = so that
affinché = so, so that, so as, in order that

When introducing a clause of purpose, both perché and affinché trigger the subjunctive. Namely, the verb that follows will be expressed in the subjunctive mood.

Faremo il possibile perché tu possa essere contento.
We will do everything possible so that you can be happy.

Mia madre ha cucinato il mio cibo preferito affinché cenassi da lei.
My mother cooked my favorite meal so that I would eat dinner at her place.

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