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Disjunctive Coordinating Conjunctions

This week, our lesson will focus on disjunctive coordinating conjunctions. These simple conjunctions separate mutually exclusive options. This means that one of the components linked by the conjunction is likely to happen or based on reality, but not both. In Italian, we have 4 conjunctions of this type:

o = or
oppure = or, or else, otherwise
ovvero = or, or else (used less frequently than o or oppure); or rather; that is, in other words
altrimenti = otherwise, or else


O is the equivalent of the English or, which usually proposes another option or idea in a sentence:

Ti piace di più passare le vacanze al mare o in montagna?
Do you enjoy spending your vacation more at the beach or in the mountains?

It can also be used to express the “either.. or” construction in English:

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