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Oppositional Subordinate Conjunctions and Exception/Exclusion/Limitation-Expressing Subordinate Conjunctions

This week’s lesson will focus on two different types of subordinate conjunctions. First, we will go over a number of oppositional subordinate conjunctions, after which we will introduce a group of subordinate conjunctions and conjunctive phrases that express exceptions, exclusions and limitations.

Part One: Oppositional Subordinate Conjunctions

Oppositional Subordinate Conjunctions introduce a circumstance or situation that has a somewhat clashing relationship with an event in the main clause. We will explore the following conjunctions:

quando = when, even when
mentre = whereas, while
mentre invece = whereas, while (informal, used mainly in spoken Italian)
laddove = whereas, when on the contrary (formal)
Non capisco perché ti lamenti di essere stanco, quando ho guidato io tutto il pomeriggio.
I don’t understand why you’re complaining about being tired, when I’m the one that drove all afternoon.

The main clause in the example above expresses perplexity regarding a statement previously made by an individual, while the subordinate clause elaborates on the source of such perplexity.

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