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Conditional Subordinate Conjunctions

This week, we will focus on conditional subordinate conjunctions. Like their label suggests, these conjunctions highlight the conditions necessary for an event to take place. In other words, the subordinate clause--which contains one of our conditional subordinate conjunctions--is hypothetical. Here is our conjunction set of the week, followed by an example:

se = if
purché = as long as, provided that
qualora = in case, if
a condizione che = on (the) condition that, provided that
a patto che = on (the) condition that, provided that
nel caso/nel caso che = (just) in case, in the event that
casomai (or caso mai) = (just) in case, in the event that

Fabio può ancora collaborare con noi, a patto che si impegni di più.
Fabio can still collaborate with us, provided that he works harder.

In the example above, the speaker states that Fabio can still collaborate with them if he applies himself more. If this (hypothetical) situation does not occur, and Fabio does not commit more to the project, it is implied that he will not be allowed to collaborate. A patto che and a condizione che are synonymous.

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