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Causative Subordinate Conjunctions

This week’s lesson will focus on causative subordinate conjunctions. As their label suggests, these conjunctions introduce a causative subordinate clause.

Non vado al cinema con voi perché ho già visto quel film.
I am not going to the movies with you because I already saw that movie.

In the example above, the speaker explains that they have already seen the movie (cause) and as a result, they will not attend (effect).

These conjunctions normally translate to the English because, for, since, or given that and tend to be interchangeable:

perché = because, for
*poiché = because, for, since
giacché = since, as
siccome = given that, because, since, as

Siccome Carlo non si sente bene, non verrà alla mia festa di compleanno.
Since Carlo doesn’t feel well, he will not come to my birthday party.

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