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Consequential Coordinating Conjunctions

This week, our lesson will focus on consequential coordinating conjunctions, all of which are often used in everyday Italian. Their purpose is to introduce inferences or logical outcomes to aforementioned statements. In other words, they are all, in their own forms, (loose) Italian equivalents of the English therefore:

Fa molto freddo fuori e non abbiamo delle giacche, quindi è meglio che rimaniamo a casa.
It’s really cold outside and we don’t have jackets, therefore/and so it’s better that we stay inside.

These are the consequential coordinating conjunctions we will be going over in this lesson:

dunque = therefore, and so
quindi = therefore, and so
ebbene = (well) then, and so
perciò = because of that, therefore
pertanto = because of that, therefore
allora = therefore, so, (well) then, in that case

These conjunctions, in a way, are a follow-up to the English as a result. As mentioned, they are used very often in Italian.

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