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Negative Connecting Conjunctions

This lesson will focus on negative connecting conjunctions. Just like our positive connecting conjunctions, these words indicate the additive relationship between different parts of a sentence, usually what comes before and after the conjunction:

= (n)or/(n)either
neppure = (n)either/not even
neanche = (n)either/not even
nemmeno = (n)either/not even
nonché = and also, as well as

Though some of them share the same translation to English, we will elaborate on the contexts in which each of these conjunctions are used.

The conjunctions above, like their positive counterparts, are simple, which means they are formed by one word.

The first in our list is :

Non mi piace sciare pattinare sul ghiaccio.
I don’t like skiing or skating on ice.

This conjunction also corresponds to the English “(n)either… (n)or” conjunction:

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