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The Conditional Perfect

The Conditional Perfect is a construction made up of two conceptual elements: would have + past participle. It is used to express events that would have happened in the past depending on whether certain conditions took place.

Mi sarebbe piaciuto andare alla festa, ma non conoscevo l’indirizzo!
I would have liked to go to the party, but I didn’t know the address!

Io al posto tuo avrei detto di no.
I would have said no if I were you.

The Conditional Perfect, just like the Present Conditional, can be used to express doubt and disbelief in interrogative phrases:

Maria avrebbe letto tutto il giornale in un’ora?
(I wonder if/Has) Maria read the whole newspaper in an hour?

Sareste andati al ristorante francese senza di me?!
Would you (really) have gone to the French restaurant without me?!

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