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The Passive Voice in Various Tenses

The passive voice in Italian is formed with a conjugated form of essere and the participle of a verb.

The passive voice can be used with any tense, from the passato remote to the congiuntivo to the future. Following are examples of verbs conjugated in the passive form in a variety of tenses.

NB: Though many tenses are listed with examples here, not every tense has been included given the unlikelihood of its use in the passive voice.

  1. Indicativo
    1. Presente
    2. Angelo è amato da Vittoria.

      Angelo is loved by Vittoria.

      Gli articoli sono letti dalla professoressa.
      The articles are read by the professor.

    3. Passato prossimo
    4. L’incidente stradale è stato visto da tutta la città.
      The traffic accident was seen by the whole city.

      Le sorelle sono state amate da tanti uomini.
      The sisters were loved by many men.

    5. Imperfetto
    6. Il poeta era ammirato in tutta Europa.
      The poet was admired in all of Europe.

      Gli argomenti erano soppesati dai giudici.
      The evidence was pondered over by the judges.

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