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The Conditional Mood

The Conditional mood is used to express desires, possibilities, and preferences. It corresponds to the English "would + verb". In order to actually happen in reality, the actions expressed with the conditional are normally dependent on the realization of certain conditions:

Dormirei di più, ma devo andare al lavoro.
I would sleep more, but I must go to work.

The Conditional is used in both independent clauses as well as in subordinate ones.

When appearing in independent clauses, the conditional mood is often used to express doubt, disbelief or irony in interrogative phrases.

Mi insegneresti ad usare il nuovo computer, per favore?
Would you teach me how to use the new computer, please?

Sarebbe quello il nuovo marito di Francesca?!
(Would that be/ Is that) Francesca’s new husband?!

Or to make a wish, a proposal or a statement sound less harsh (and more polite):

Vorrei venire alla festa questa sera.
I would like to come to the party tonight.

Io avrei un’idea migliore:
(I would have/I have) a better idea.

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