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Consistency of Tense with the Subjunctive: Present Indicative, Future Indicative, (Present) Imperative

As we saw in our last lesson, verbs in the subjunctive mood are not always generated by a subjunctive trigger verb in an independent clause. Over the next lessons, we will see various instances in which verbs conjugated in the subjunctive are required. In this lesson, we will focus on the consistency of the present and future indicative, as well as the imperative, with the subjunctive mood.

In order to explore the subjunctive’s relationship with the present and future indicative and with the imperative mood, let’s break them up and see how they work individually:

Present Indicative and Subjunctive

Io oggi rimango a Firenze, che ti piaccia o no.
I’m staying in Florence today, whether you like it or not.

Qualora tu voglia approfondire questo argomento, ti consiglio di leggere il nuovo libro di Luciano Gallino.
If you want to explore this topic, I suggest you read the new book Luciano Gallino wrote.

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