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Uses of the Imperative Mood with Irregular Verbs

The imperative (l`imperativo) is used to give commands, advice and exhortations: be honest!, listen! , let`s go!The verbs essere and avere are irregular in the tu and voi forms of the imperative.

Essere: sii, siamo, siate
Sii felice!
Be happy!

Siate sinceri!
Be honest!

Avere: abbi, abbiamo, abbiate
Abbi costanza!
Be persistent!

Abbiate coraggio!
Be brave!

The verbs andare, dare, dire, fare, and stare are irregular in the tu form of the imperative.

Andare: va’, andiamo, andate
Va’ a scuola!
Go to school!

Dare: da’, diamo, date
Da’ da mangiare al gatto!
Feed the cat!

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