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Learn Italian through
current events!

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Why News in Slow Italian?
We are at the forefront of creating immersive language learning content. Created by an international team of linguists and journalists, our one-of-a-kind program has been enjoyed by individuals, schools, and universities since 2011.
Always on point. We call it “virtual immersion.” Each week, we bring you fresh ideas, conversation and culture, designed specifically to boost your comprehension so you can stop translating and follow the discussion.
Efficient learning
We emphasize key aspects of language learning, using real language in way that makes sense. Our method makes it possible for you to listen, read, and start thinking in Italian.
Always on
Learn on the go – at your desk, in the classroom, on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Learn Italian through current events!

Get ready for immersion – use a new language to express yourself and understand someone else.

Listen to the conversation, follow along with the interactive transcripts, and you will be amazed to discover that you know more Italian than you think!

We offer various subscription levels to meet your needs, from an audio-only podcast to a rigorous educational course including interactive transcripts, grammar and expressions lessons, grammar quizzes and pronunciation.

See for yourself if our program is right for you! Our free demo episode will give you a sense of what we offer without having to sign up for anything.

Not quite there yet? We’ll help you get up to speed. Check out our Get Up to Speed (G.U.T.S.) program.

Ready for more? Try a change of pace. This program takes you to the next level of immersion. It’s a collaboration of Italian writers, journalists, and linguists bringing you a mix of cultural insights, opinions, in-depth news analysis in real everyday Italian.

Our Philosophy – learn faster by going slow

Our goal is to entertain, inform, and educate our users in active language learning. We present our programs at a pace that allows you to follow along and better absorb information. In doing so, we actually put you on the fast track to a deeper understanding that ultimately leads to meaningful results.

No gimmicks!

We want you to try our program for yourself before deciding if it’s for you.
  • You don’t have to register to navigate the entire site or try our demos.
  • Subscription packages and prices are clearly outlined.
  • We are proud to be entirely funded by the support of our subscribers and we do not accept corporate sponsorship.
  • No automatic renewals! We consider it to be a bad practice.

Ready to try? Our free demo episode is a complete episode that aired just a few weeks ago.

What people are saying about us

Many of our subscribers have shared their praises and thoughts on what we do. Here is just a small sample:

Your website and broadcasts are actually fantastic. I have been doing a conventional Italian language course each day for 30 minutes using a CD and text book. Usually the 30 minutes goes very slowly, and is hard work.

I began today on your course, spending time on the news bulletin, the discussion after the news, and the grammar lesson. The time flew. I loved every minute of it, and kept going for an hour. I love the discussion of current events, the useful vocabulary and especially the section on expressions.

Thanks you again, and please keep the series going.

John M.
Melbourne, Australia

I have been using your website for a couple of weeks and it is absolutely brilliant! I'm learning Italian at home on my own and this is the perfect way for me to practice my listening skills. It's great to have short sections to listen to - it makes it easier to find the time. Having the transcript below and some translations is really, really helpful. And I'm looking forward to when I can select the 'hare' speed rather than the 'tortoise'.

I hope that lots of people get to know about your website and use it. I've been telling as many people as I can about it. Thank you for all your work putting it together.

Alison T.

I'm writing to tell you how much I am enjoying News in Slow Italian. My walk to work takes 30 minutes, just enough time to listen to one full episode. I'm a family doctor with a number of Italian-speaking patients and can manage fairly well with my medical Italian. But with a trip to Italy booked for April, I wanted to expand what I understand. Your series, so well done, is perfect.

Dr. Peter T.
Ontario, Canada